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display VbP

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[2023-08-17 09:52:52]
stephane1 - Posts: 109
Good morning
I would like to have a fixed volume by price display, when a volume is much larger than the rest of the other volumes, they disappear, I have to increase the size of the window. Is there a way to fix this without increasing the window size?
[2023-08-17 13:08:47]
John - SC Support - Posts: 31086
There are multiple options for how the Volume by Price profile is displayed relative to the screen. In particular, refer to the following Input and the one just below it:
Volume By Price Study: Maximum Volume Bar Width Type
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[2023-08-19 03:15:22]
Tony - Posts: 458
I assume you are trading stocks:

There are 2 possible solutions to address this issue,

1, first way was mentioned by a user named 'funbun' is to increase 'ticks per volume bar' up to 20+, discussions can be found here.

2, second way is to increase 'Maximum Volume Bar Width Percentage', Engineering team increased that number from 100 to 500, discussions can be found here.

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