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Date/Time: Wed, 04 Oct 2023 12:26:48 +0000

Highlighting overnight session

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[2023-06-02 05:12:39]
jivetrader - Posts: 349
Using High/Low for Time Period study offsets the highlighted area in an incorrect place. Highlighting should start at 16:15:00

Please advise, thank you.
imagehighlight ON session.jpg / V - Attached On 2023-06-02 05:11:19 UTC - Size: 363.71 KB - 50 views
[2023-06-02 14:02:38]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 10588
This is not at all clear for us. We do not understand what you are trying to show. And that study is not going to work properly on the chart if the chart bars are based upon 1439 minutes. Refer to:

High/Low for Time Period: High/Low Accuracy
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[2023-06-03 02:51:58]
jivetrader - Posts: 349
Sorry I'll try to be more clear.

1.When set to 1-0-0 days, the candle was being drawn at the close of day, which makes sense. This chart is set to 1439 minutes so the candle shows up at the start of the RTH session, for visual purposes. If this could cause issues please enlighten me.

2. The Start time and End time in this indi is set to highlight the overnight session ET New York time. It is faintly drawn but it is offset from the time period on the X axis.

Thank you
[2023-06-04 13:10:01]
cmet - Posts: 511
Try using the Time Range Highlight - Transparent study instead.

Been using it for this purpose for years. Works perfectly.

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