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Date/Time: Wed, 04 Oct 2023 14:14:29 +0000

Number Bars disappeared on update

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[2023-05-09 11:21:05]
heyhey - Posts: 11

I updated Sierra Charts to the new version and the candlesticks and number bars have disappeared from the chart, I had just been using it and they were fine, any idea what the issue is?

[2023-05-09 11:25:25]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 10591
For the Numbers Bars study you need to be on Service Package 11. You are currently using 10. To change the package:

To change your Sierra Chart Service Package, select "Help >> Account Control Panel" on the Sierra Chart program menu. On the displayed webpage, click on the "Set Service Package for Renewal" link.

Or go to this page:

You will need to login if you are not currently logged in.

In the "Available Services >> Choose Usage Time Service Package" frame, select the Service Package that you want to set your account to. Press the "Set" button.

The remaining service usage time on your account will be adjusted based upon the cost of the package you are changing to. If the new package is a higher-priced package, then the usage time will be reduced due to the higher price.

There is no charge for changing your Sierra Chart service package. Only your Sierra Chart account usage time ending date is adjusted.

When changing between Sierra Chart Service Packages, the usage time ending date on your Sierra Chart account is adjusted based upon the price differences between the package you are changing from and the package you are changing to.

When changing to a higher priced package, your usage time ending date will be brought back closer in time. When changing to a lower-priced package, your usage time ending date will be brought forward further out in time.
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[2023-05-09 13:33:35]
heyhey - Posts: 11
Perfect, thank you

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