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Date/Time: Wed, 29 Mar 2023 06:06:46 +0000

How to download historical data & preserve continuity?

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[2014-06-18 13:28:40]
DarthSidious - Posts: 63
Using package 3 of SC which provides historical futures data
Using CQG which provides live data

When I pull up a new chart, 15 minutes delayed data is provided by SC, and the chart starts updating in real time. This leaves a gap of 15 minutes. I am fine suffering for the next 15 minutes, when I am eligible to download the (now) past 30 to 15 minutes of data. But the only way I can make it happen is "Delete & download data", by pointing it at the beginning of the gap. However, this also deletes the last 15 minutes of live data that I have accumulated thus far, and I am back to square one, with a 15 minutes of gap. This isn't fair, right? How can I re-download the 15 minutes of gap, while leaving my live streamed data intact?
[2014-06-18 16:41:57]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104367
This is explained here:
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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