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Date/Time: Sat, 03 Jun 2023 14:56:08 +0000

[Programming help] How to exit any position after 20 bars since it's opened using ASCII?

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[2023-03-10 12:07:57]
User395175 - Posts: 59
Hi, i want my programme exit the position after a fixed number of bars (like 20), how can i do it?

I will have multiple positions open at the same time, for each, i want it to be closed after 20 bars since it opened. I saw there is a sc function called sc.GetBarsSinceLastTradeOrderEntry(), but it only consider the last trade. i don't think i can use it in my case.

Please help me, thank you.
[2023-03-10 14:14:18]
User268846 - Posts: 17
you can store the order id and entry bar index for each order and then check if they are expired or not each bar
[2023-03-10 14:17:03]
User268846 - Posts: 17
... assumed you use market orders for entry ...

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