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Date/Time: Sun, 26 May 2024 15:50:22 +0000

[Programming Help] - ACSIL: All methods to draw a rectangle that clips when intersected by price

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[2023-03-08 15:41:23]
User907967 - Posts: 53
Dear Support Team,

I am considering the most efficient option to draw a rectangular shape at a specific event while ensuring it gets clipped when the price overlaps completely (the second time). So far, I have the following alternatives:

1. sc.AddLineUntilFutureIntersection() or sc.AddLineUntilFutureIntersectionEx() -- both functions facilitate the clipping, which is excellent, but they draw a line, not a rectangular shape.
2. s_UseTool -- handles the creation of the rectangular shape nicely, but the clipping needs a separate implementation by transitioning from the original Extending Rectangle type to the Rectangle shape type.
3. Subgraph/DRAWSTYLE -- I cannot find any styles that extend until price intercepts (the clipping described above), and I am surprised because plenty of types are implemented, so perhaps I am not searching in the right place. Can anyone help with a reference?

1. Are there any other methods apart from the above three?
2. Do we have any thoughts on the 3rd point, i.e. which DRAWSTYLE would be best suited?

In summary - the aim is to draw a rectangle that clips when the price overlaps entirely at a later point in time.
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[2024-05-19 18:48:35]
PS - Posts: 14
+1 to this. I'm looking for a way to draw rectangles that can be clipped once price exceeds the further bound of the rectangle, but can't find any sort of solution. Is there any implementation to support this?
[2024-05-20 14:39:51]
John - SC Support - Posts: 31885
There is not a built-in way to do this. You would have to create a custom study to do this and adjust the rectangle based on the situation. Refer to the following:
Using Drawing Tools From an Advanced Custom Study

List of Third Party Sierra Chart Study and System Programmers
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