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Date/Time: Tue, 30 May 2023 11:47:53 +0000

[Programming Help] - ACSIL: All methods to draw a rectangle that clips when intersected by price

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[2023-03-08 15:41:23]
User129034 - Posts: 39
Dear Support Team,

I am considering the most efficient option to draw a rectangular shape at a specific event while ensuring it gets clipped when the price overlaps completely (the second time). So far, I have the following alternatives:

1. sc.AddLineUntilFutureIntersection() or sc.AddLineUntilFutureIntersectionEx() -- both functions facilitate the clipping, which is excellent, but they draw a line, not a rectangular shape.
2. s_UseTool -- handles the creation of the rectangular shape nicely, but the clipping needs a separate implementation by transitioning from the original Extending Rectangle type to the Rectangle shape type.
3. Subgraph/DRAWSTYLE -- I cannot find any styles that extend until price intercepts (the clipping described above), and I am surprised because plenty of types are implemented, so perhaps I am not searching in the right place. Can anyone help with a reference?

1. Are there any other methods apart from the above three?
2. Do we have any thoughts on the 3rd point, i.e. which DRAWSTYLE would be best suited?

In summary - the aim is to draw a rectangle that clips when the price overlaps entirely at a later point in time.
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