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Date/Time: Tue, 30 May 2023 12:18:53 +0000

Using Numbers Bars 2nd column for the Large Trade Volume indicator???

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[2023-03-02 13:16:09]
J DIDDY - Posts: 59
Is it possible to use the Numbers Bar's 2nd column to put the Large Trade Volume indicator's bubbles?

The issue I'm having is that I've tried all the LTV settings but its always obscures the Numbers bar, even if I set the bubbles small - and if I use transparency I cant see the numbers and its gets messy and hard to read. (BTW I use a low setting as I wanna see trades all the way up and down)

The only way I've found is to space the Numbers bars very wide, but then you can only fit a few bars on the screen and its unworkable, as everything in the NB's scale too much.

It would be great to have that second column to put in the LTV bubbles.

Or if you have a workaround??

[2023-03-02 17:44:21]
John - SC Support - Posts: 24473
The only option is the Input for Marker Horizontal Alignment. Refer to the information for this here:
Large Volume Trade Indicator: Inputs
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[2023-03-08 12:38:54]
J DIDDY - Posts: 59

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