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Sierra real time data

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[2014-06-12 20:25:05]
User92332 - Posts: 5
I have Sierra real time data. My broker is Interactive Brokers.
If i am log in to TWS everything work, but if i log out it stop work. I see in yellow background wrote waiting for reconnect.
Enoughe just once connection to TWS per month. So why its not working without connection?
Everithing is right set up i can se M at symbol..
[2014-06-12 21:08:31]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104293
You do need to be connected to Trader Workstation to receive the Sierra Chart real-time data feed.

However, if you are connected and then you close trader workstation you should continue to receive the Sierra Chart data feed. Unless you were to select File >> Disconnect.

Post a copy of the Message Log by following these instructions:

Although it is going to be most reliable if you stay connected to Trader Workstation. You can always connect to a Trader Workstation demo account. That will work as well. As long as you connect to your Live account once a month.
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