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Date/Time: Sat, 22 Jun 2024 12:41:02 +0000

Value Area in Volume by Price - differs from - Value Area in tool

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[2023-01-30 20:45:13]
Jupitersbay - Posts: 54
I have
- Volume by Profile based on "Multiple Profiles based on Fixed Time (Day)"
- The Volume Value Area Lines Study.
Both give me the same Value Areas.
(NB: I don`t actually understand at the beginning of the Overnight Session (which is 22:00 in Germany))

Now I use
- Draw Volume Profile (same period as the VbP Study (Day))

Now the result is some times the same and some times different.

Why is this so? Is this correct?

I made a little screenrecording video to demonstrate it.
attachmentDynamic Value Areas.mp4 - Attached On 2023-01-30 20:44:26 UTC - Size: 4.57 MB - 93 views
[2023-01-30 22:57:24]
John - SC Support - Posts: 32515
We can not say for sure, but when you are drawing the profile it looks like you are missing 1 bar at the end. In each case, there is one bar that is not being covered when you are doing the drawing, and this should be included.

But we do not know how much influence this will have on your particular issue. We really just need to see a before and after image and information on what exactly is different.

Also, keep in mind that the Drawn Volume Profiles may not have the exact same options set in it as the study itself. So you need to ensure that these two items have the same parameters in their settings in order to ensure that everything will come out the same.
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[2023-01-30 23:54:24]
Jupitersbay - Posts: 54
On the spot. Another hour later ... thank you for reminding me to
triple check every little number in the settings. There was something - and that made the difference.
Thank you.

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