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Date/Time: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 14:03:10 +0000

3 QUESTIONS RE: = if ( id0.sg3 > max(id0.sg3[-1:-30]), 1, 0)

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[2023-01-29 16:32:03]
User656492 - Posts: 83
Hello Brains!

= if ( id0.sg3 > max(id0.sg3[-1:-30]), 1, 0 )

I believe this should be true (in my case, paint a dash at Study Input: High) if the current bar makes a high as compared to the prior 30 bars.

1.) Is this correct?
2.) Should this line up with the Highest High / Lowest Low study, Length 30?
3.) Why does this paint a dash on the bar after the most recent high, thus signaling that a lower bar is also meeting this condition?
[2023-01-29 17:22:23]
User431178 - Posts: 227
1.) No
2.) Yes
3.) Because your formula is not correct.

ID0.SG3 refers to the lows, so you are alerting when the low is greater than the previod 29 lows.

So instead, use: =IF(ID0.SG2>MAX(ID0.SG2[-1:-30]),1,0)

Spreadsheet Example Formulas and Usage: Spreadsheet Study Equivalents of Simple Alerts and Main Price Graph Identifiers
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[2023-01-30 00:26:20]
User656492 - Posts: 83
Well, that's embarrassing.

Thanks for the correction!

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