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Date/Time: Fri, 01 Mar 2024 21:09:46 +0000

limit orders below and above price

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[2023-01-26 21:21:04]
User865754 - Posts: 7
How do I place a sell limit order above price and buy limit order below price in the DOM? I tried clicking on buy and sell columns but orders were rejected. I don't have a problem placing buy limit above the price and sell limit order below the price. Thank you
[2023-01-26 22:14:02]
John - SC Support - Posts: 29565
Are you sure you do not have the situation reversed from the way you have it stated?

A Limit order tells the exchange that the price must be "better" than the location of the limit in order to fill. For a Buy order, this means that the price must be below the Buy Limit price to fill, as any price lower than the Buy Limit is a better price. This means that you can not place a Buy Limit order Above the market price as it will immediately fill.

And the same for the Sell Limit, except in the opposite situation.

Let us know if we are missing something in what you stated versus what we stated above.

What you may want is the Stop Limit order type. Refer to the information here:
Order Types: Stop-Limit
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