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Date/Time: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 13:28:58 +0000

When there is high resource usage on my computer, the chart sometimes freeze.

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[2023-01-26 13:55:21]
User539950 - Posts: 1

I want to report some incidents that I think Engineering team does not intend for this to happen.

My computer is quite old but still exceed what is recommended (i7-4770k with 16GB of ram) and I run Sierra Chart with script to report connection state as shown below.

  if(sc.ServerConnectionState != SCS_CONNECTED){
    sc.AddMessageToLog("connection loss",1);

I found that sometimes when I use computer for other demanding tasks, Sierra Chart just stop feeding new data without the log message.
The only way to fix the chart is to press disconnect and connect again. And then the log will show up that connection has been lost.

Could you guys give me some explanation on why does this happens. I can accept the chart freezing when my computer does not have enough resource (i.e. ram/cpu), but I expect the software to continue after the resource can be found, or at least notify me that something is wrong.
[2023-01-26 23:38:09]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 7340
This is a system performance issue on your side that you need to resolve:
Could you guys give me some explanation on why does this happens.

We cannot know exactly what is happening. You would be best able to diagnose the problem.

We do recommend a new computer or upgrading the CPU. And add more memory and install Sierra Chart to a dedicated NVME drive which is used for nothing else.
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