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Date/Time: Wed, 28 Feb 2024 11:40:08 +0000

TWS updated to 10.20.1j, not taking order entry from SC

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[2023-01-25 15:06:55]
John M - Posts: 164
TWS updated to v10.20.1j
SC v2475
Denali data

SC says Order Sent for MES
TWS never sees it/does not confirm order

Have to cancel out everything and close both programs.
Full reboot, cold start.
Restart all, same issue.

Was working fine yesterday with TWS v10.20.1i

Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but this is not working again. Sorry.

Thank you.
[2023-01-25 15:10:57]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 13002
Therefore use:
TWS v10.20.1i

Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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For the most reliable, advanced, and zero cost futures order routing, use the Teton service:
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[2023-01-25 15:17:02]
John M - Posts: 164
This is hard to do when TWS automatically updates upon booting.
[2023-01-25 15:30:04]
John M - Posts: 164
Ok, I basically have 2 options with TWS upon opening the application :

the current version, 10.20.1j
the prior available version, 10.19.1k

Neither one will accept orders from SC 2475
SC says order sent, TWS never sees it in the API
Go to cancel order, doesn't see that either, SC just waits
I have to close both programs.

I'm dead in the water, any ideas ?
[2023-01-25 15:44:05]
John M - Posts: 164
One other note, upon sending the order, SC goes into "downloading historical update"

SC is already running with current data (Denali) for MES

it shouldn't need to download anything. It cycles thru that and then sits with "order sent"

No response to either available version of TWS.

Sorry, I'm just telling what's going on. TWS 10.20.1i is not available.
[2023-01-25 17:00:25]
John M - Posts: 164
Here is my chat with IB about the versions of TWS that are available.

I cannot get TWS v10.20.1i

I'm dead in the water with SC.

* * * * * * * *

Naveen S: Hello, this is 'Naveen S'. Please allow me a moment to read the question you submitted to iBot and I'll respond to you shortly.

oa7wi11ie: great, thank you

Naveen S: You can only install the available TWS builds on our official website.

oa7wi11ie: This was the previous version that was released only yesterday. It works with Sierra Charts and the current version doesn't.

Naveen S: We have three builds available Stable, Latest and Beta.

oa7wi11ie: Latest and Beta are the same, 10.20.1j

Stable is 10.19.1k

Naveen S: These are the only available builds.

oa7wi11ie: SC works with 10.20.1i

I can't get that version?

Naveen S: Unfortunately not.

oa7wi11ie: Great. Thank you.

Naveen S: You are welcome.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

oa7wi11ie: I guess not.

Naveen S: Thank you for your valuable time and I wish you a great day ahead.

imageScreen Shot 2023-01-25 at 10.56.19 AM.png / V - Attached On 2023-01-25 16:57:47 UTC - Size: 200.51 KB - 49 views
Attachment Deleted.
[2023-01-25 22:36:49]
Jagui1 - Posts: 14
Using SC 2466 with TWS 10.19-1c should work.

It's possible to download offline version of TWS when they come out, from the IB website. These versions don't update automatically.
I suggest every SC + TWS user should download and store the working SC + TWS combo, to be able to recover if newer versions mess things up.

Maybe SC should archive the offline working TWS version, and provide it for user's download.
This way a working SC + TWS combo would always be available.
SC could then suggest and provide the specific offline TWS version to use, and upgrade to a newer TWS version when there is a reason, or every few months.

You can download TWS 10.19-1c here:

Date Time Of Last Edit: 2023-01-25 22:39:39
[2023-01-25 22:58:08]
John M - Posts: 164
Thanks. I was using a stable offline version of TWS for a long time but it became outdated with the symbol changes IB implemented and wouldn't work so I had to update.
I'm currently on TWS 10.20.1j using SC 2466
SC 2475 is hosed with TWS as described above.

Now this only works for futures but that's what I use SC for, I can get by on equities with TWS; it's not elegant like SC but it's passable.

Thanks for the download, it's stashed away for future reference.

It would be nice if SC updates their platform to full functionality with TWS again but I'm not holding my breath.
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2023-01-25 23:03:30
[2023-01-26 00:25:12]
User624595 - Posts: 159
SC 2458 with TWS 10.20.1c working here for futures, version that does not auto update.
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2023-02-07 18:11:38
[2023-01-26 15:24:44]
Barry L - Posts: 26
John M, I just went thru the same thing, Updated Sierra to 2475 and went from stable build of TWS to 10,20 1 j, wont take my order , cant cancel . went back to 10,19 1 k , same
what did you have to do to make it work ?
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2023-01-26 15:25:04
[2023-01-26 16:45:18]
John M - Posts: 164
SC 2466 and TWS10.20.1j is working for futures. Still a fail on equities but that's ok here.
Equities can be done on TWS afaic.
[2023-01-26 16:59:20]
John M - Posts: 164
I should add that Denali NQTV is working for Equities quotes so you can get that analysis but I haven't had success yet in using it to trade directly into TWS 10.20.1j

You do have to do the Denali NQTV dance of re-enetering the damn symbol in F5 Symbol tho' which is a royal PITA.

That could be my error but I haven't had time to look at it in depth but it should be this difficult.
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2023-01-26 17:07:13

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