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Date/Time: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 13:23:47 +0000

Problem with button labels on the control bar

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[2023-01-24 15:57:41]
User203781 - Posts: 55
For convenience and to prevent mis-clicks (which used to be common), I have added four trade-order buttons to my control bar: BUY, SELL, FLAT, and BE (move the stop to break-even.) I work on extremely small bars, 2.00-range on NQ, so being able to act instantly is crucial for my trading. When in a trade, I want to hover the cursor over the FLAT button so I can get out with no delay when I believe the move is over. When the market is trending, I want to hover the cursor over BUY or SELL and act the moment the price reaches support or resistance.

I can't do that. When I try, Sierra Chart puts its own label over the button, and I cannot act without moving the cursor away, returning, and clicking before the unnecessary label appears. (If I did not know what the buttons were, they would not be on my control bar.) Even hovering close to the button and moving the cursor before clicking does not always work. Three times so far this morning, the label has appeared so quickly that I had to move the cursor away and try again. Once, I had to recycle three times before I could click successfully.

Because of this, four trades this morning that should have made a few points became losses. In another case, I could not get into the trade before an 8-point move was over.

Much as I like Sierra Chart, this problem is making it useless for the kind of trading I do. at the moment I am only sim trading, but I plan to go live in about six weeks. As things stand, when I do, I will have to adopt some other program for live trading.

How can I prevent Sierra Chart using its own labels?
[2023-01-24 17:55:42]
John - SC Support - Posts: 23204
Go to Global Settings >> Customize Control Bars >> Control Bar n. Then select the particular control bar button you want to modify on the right (such as Buy) and then enable the option for Disable Hover Text towards the bottom right of the window.
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