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Date/Time: Fri, 21 Jun 2024 07:40:01 +0000

Color Coding the Value above or below the Volume Profile Study

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[2023-01-19 20:33:09]
User999835 - Posts: 30

I use the Volume Profile study, draw under the candlesticks; the candlesticks are 1min and the Volume Profile study is set to "Multiple Profile Based on Fixed Time" (of 5min).

I display above each 5min Volume Profile the Volume and the Delta. For now the Volume and the Delta numbers have all the same and unique colour.

Is there a way to display the Volume/Delta in two colours? for example the Volume/Delta would appear green if the Volume Profile volume/delta has increased relative to the previous profile and red if it has decreased.

Many thanks
[2023-01-19 22:47:03]
John - SC Support - Posts: 32500
You would need to use the Color Bar Based on Alert Condition study. One for each particular case/coloring that you want.

For example, to display the Volume of the Bar above the High in green due to the current Volume is larger than the previous bar's volume, you would set the following for the Color Bar Based on Alert Condition:

Inputs Tab:
- Based On: Main Price Graph (since we are just using Volume)
- Output When Condition True: Use Input Data
- Input Data: Volume

Subgraphs Tab:
- Color Bar Subgraph 1 Color: Green
- Color Bar Subgraph 1 Draw Style: Value on High
- Color Bar Subgraph 1 Width/Size: 10 (adjust as necessary)

Alerts Tab:
- Enter the following Alert condition:
=V > V[-1]
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[2023-01-20 13:31:01]
User999835 - Posts: 30
Hi John,

Thank you very much for your quick response; as per attached screen capture, it does put the volume and colour it above *each* 1min bar. What I was wondering, was whether there is a way to colour the values (in the attached image, the volume and the delta) I highlighted in orange above *each* Volume Profile (in the picture, each VP is 15min)?

If I try to use the VP study as input of the "Color Based on..." study, it only allows me to select the Subgraphs (colours, lines, etc..) but not the actual values (Volume, Delta, etc...)

Many thanks
attachmentChartImage VP Data Colouring.bmp - Attached On 2023-01-20 13:06:24 UTC - Size: 5.35 MB - 99 views
[2023-01-20 16:29:25]
John - SC Support - Posts: 32500
There is not a way to color the text values that are displayed with the Volume by Price profiles based on specific information.

If you want to get those values into that chart at approximately the same location with the coloring - then you would need to create a new chart that is the same time period as the Volume by Price profiles (15 minutes in the image you attached) and then do the above to get the values displayed on the 15 minute bars and then use the Study/Price Overlay to put those numbers into the 1 minute chart.

Note that you will need to set the matching for the Study/Price Overlay to use the Earliest Value from Corresponding Timeframe.
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