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Date/Time: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 15:00:20 +0000

TEXT(Value, Format)

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[2023-01-19 18:08:26]
User719206 - Posts: 91
hello , i want to spend some numeric spreadsheet value ,in test tag , whan I backestest to get some information .
i need to translate numeric value in text value. i thought to use TEXT(Value, Format) functiun that is suposed to do it.

But it seems that it's only work if i write manualy the numeric value , if I write TEXT(5, Format) i get 5 in texte value ,
but if I write TEXT(C5, Format) With the c5 cell value of 5 , I get C5. the name of the cell not the value.

maybe i did something wrong.
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[2023-01-19 22:01:58]
John - SC Support - Posts: 23204
The TEXT() function does not work with Cell references. It is just a way to convert text into a particular format. But you should not need this function, particularly if you are just wanting a number in the cell. Just put the cell reference in.
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[2023-01-19 22:51:16]
tomgilb - Posts: 3583
i need to translate numeric value in text value
Try this:
[2023-01-21 17:21:24]
User719206 - Posts: 91
thanks tomgilb you formula is working but i'm limited, if the number has more than 11 character the cell is blank.

john i m obligated to switch it in text because the cell j 102 text tag looks to work only with text format.

I have to find a solution to switch a big number as 562536548547856212536585 like if it was text, a functiun witch do the same job that "" => "562536548547856212536585". OR get the ability to select "text" in the different number format.

I have another problem , if i write even manually 99999999999999 in a cell , the cell gona display 10270005887756666 (it's an exemple) , something go wrong i don't know why , maybe the 2 probleme are linked.

I attached my spreadsheet , I saw that you asked it to someone who had the same bug.
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Private File
[2023-01-26 02:30:16]
User719206 - Posts: 91
Hy, did you saw my message ? I m locked can you help me ?
[2023-01-26 13:25:00]
tomgilb - Posts: 3583
Your posted spreadsheet is set to Private File so I cannot see it. (I am not SC Support.)

Also, please explain why you need to convert a very large number into text.

The 11 character limitation you are seeing is not something that would likely be increased, so you'll need to find a workaround.
[2023-01-26 14:09:24]
User719206 - Posts: 91
ah ok sorry, if it was not clear, and thanks a lot to take care!

In fact when a trade is trigered , i catch some data and I Send it text tag.
the big number represent all the data, a kind of ID card of the trade.
by exemple if the number is 526345, the 52 represent the bid and ask percentage , the 63 represent the retracement and the 45 represent the expansion .
it's usefull to analyse backtest , at the end of the day you just have to copy past the trade activity log in excell by exemple to make pivot table ,and you have all the information about the trade and if it's a wining or a loosing trade.

the text tag cell j102 only accpet text data this is why i need to a text format for this big number.

I just found the solution , we can add text cell !

if c5 = 85 and c6=31 in text format with the formula that you gave me, c5+c6 = 8531 and there is no limitation for large number. thanks for your help !
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