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Date/Time: Wed, 12 Aug 2020 14:33:48 +0000

Problem with CQG feed after upgrading to version 1143

[2014-06-03 15:35:41]
Kenneth.S - Posts: 20 | Ending Date: 2018-07-02 [Expired]
I upgraded from 1136 to 1143 yesterday and noticed that a lot of ticks come into the platform incorrectly, resulting in bars being painted incorrectly.

Screenshot of 3range chart: http://www.sierrachart.com/image.php?l=1401809469975.png

this happens a lot. The attached chart was connected to the feed at 11:20..

Here are some details to help investigation:

- it did not happen in version 1136
- if i install version 1136 and show the same chart, with the data downloaded in 1143, the bars are incorrect too.
- if i delete and download the data in 1136 the chart is correct
- if I install 1143 with the correct data downloaded in 1136 the chart is correct in 1143, but new ticks coming in will result in incorrect bars.
- if I delete and download data in 1143, the bars are correct to, so it seems to only happen when live ticks coming in.
- Datafeed is CQG.

[2014-06-03 15:59:38]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 88536 | Ending Date: 2021-04-05
We think we have an idea what this might be from. We will solve it.

There will be a new release out later today.
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