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Date/Time: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 13:40:39 +0000

Future feature for Order Allocation

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[2023-01-02 06:17:06]
DKtrades - Posts: 26
Happy New Year.

I have a suggested improvement to the Order Allocation to Accounts feature.

It would be great to have the option to set up order allocation "groups".

Eg, let's say I have 6 accounts under my login.

Somewhere in the Global Settings, I would then setup Order Allocation groups similarly to how they are setup now in the Trade Window menu > Settings.

For example, I create "Group 1" (and name it with a name), eg with Account #1 as the primary account, and accounts #2 and # in the Allocation Accounts list (with a multiplier set).

I also create "Group 2" and have Account #4 as the primary account, and accounts #5 and #6 setup as Allocation accounts the same way.

I can even then create "Group 3" which has Account #1 as the primary, and all of the other 5 accounts in the Allocation Accounts list.

Then -- this is the main improvement -- in the Trade Window dropdown, where I can see my Sim account and each of my accounts, this dropdown is also populated with "Group 1", "Group 2" and "Group 3" so that I may easily select them (and then see visually that this group name is selected in my Trade Window).

This would provide a good visual solution to see the Order Allocation is both enabled, and how it has been enabled (ie, which group).
[2023-01-09 16:22:49]
DKtrades - Posts: 26
Just for an update -- I think this really would be a great way in a future SC release to manage Order Allocation: having "groups" in the Accounts List in the chart's Trade Window.

This would be especially helpful vs setting up each Order Allocation for every chart that I have (and then having no visual confirmation that it is enabled, save for having a Trade Orders / Trade Positions window open to monitor the live entries).

It's definitely more challenging to use when hidden in the sub-menu of the "M" button menu (and even then the dialogue box only shows the last added allocation account without clicking on the account to see any/all others).

Having the list visible in the Trade Window accounts list would be much more obvious, from a UX perspective.
[2023-01-24 16:51:31]
DKtrades - Posts: 26
I'm really hoping this can get the attention of the SC engineers -- the current setup for Order Allocation is very much hidden away and even some kind of visual confirmation would assist.

I know you can't promise or even commit to such an improvement -- but it would be VERY helpful to be able to see the "Groups" from the front of the Trade Window rather than buried in a sub-menu of the "M" menu.

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