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Date/Time: Mon, 17 Jun 2024 07:28:42 +0000

Cant overlay a specific study

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[2022-12-27 16:44:06]
User449884 - Posts: 144
Trying to overlay a period HIGH/LOW study from a chart onto my DOM but it doesnt seem to be working. I've tried a other simple studies like pivot points and that works right away using the same overlay method on the DOM

Any reasons why?
[2022-12-27 22:08:13]
John - SC Support - Posts: 32379
If you are not using it, you really need to use the High/Low for Time Period - Extended in order to get the extension of the High/Low to the most recent bars. Then when you overlay, make sure your Trading DOM has enough range displayed to show the location of the lines.
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[2022-12-28 14:06:49]
User449884 - Posts: 144
worked, thanks
[2024-04-29 19:26:54]
methodtrades - Posts: 38
@John Is there something unique to the High/Low for time Period (extended or not) when trying to overlay it on a DOM? I can't seem to get the subgraph name/values overlaid on my DOM.

- I have a High/Low for time period extended study on my main chart.
- It plots pre market high, and low, names at the right edge of my chart (no lines)
- I use the study overlay on my dom, to also get those names at the edge of my DOM.

The name labels will not show up, yet it seems to work fine for every other study I'm trying to overlay (POC, VWAP, etc.)
[2024-04-29 19:48:29]
methodtrades - Posts: 38
Sorry, it does actually seem to display the labels with the overlay study if I max compress the range on the DOM. I don't understand why this is necessary for this study/overlay and not for any of the others, but it is working in this way.
[2024-04-29 20:29:38]
methodtrades - Posts: 38
Ah, I see what's happening. It's not showing the labels if the bars are not "in view", the same behavior it has on the main chart.

This can be fixed by in the high/low time period extended study, specifying the "line stop time" to further in the future (in my case, 23:59:59)

You can ignore my posts, but left this here in case others encounter an issue.

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