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trading from Sierra chart to Interactive broker

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[2022-11-25 16:01:05]
User721265 - Posts: 4
i hava successfully connected interactive broker to sierra chart. However when try to place a trade from sierra chart for interactive broker i get " New order rejected ... the etrade only attribute is not supported order id 903 SYMBOL MES-202212-CME-USD " . In my first escalation i was told to download the stable version on Interactive broker which i did . IT still doest not work . I would like to schedule a call to help me resolve this problem . thank you
[2022-11-25 21:54:50]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 11661
To resolve this you must update Sierra Chart to the current version. Instructions:
Software Download: Fast Update
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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[2022-12-28 13:25:13]
User164231 - Posts: 277
interactive broker seems to logged out at 9:20am ish every day... is there a work around?
[2022-12-28 14:10:25]
User584084 - Posts: 172
To change the log out time in IB TWS, go to Edit >> Global Configuration >> Lock and Exit. Change the Auto Logoff Timer.

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