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Date/Time: Fri, 27 Jan 2023 07:39:20 +0000


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[2022-11-25 15:58:24]
User769528 - Posts: 5
Hi there,

I'm looking to get real time data for the DAX potentially.

I just want to confirm that will the subject above give me live data with DOM live data showing the 10 orders?
Also will I have to sign up to a broker to connect my Sierra Charts to if I purchase this?

Kind regards
[2022-11-25 20:31:25]
SC Support - Posts: 1402
Hi User769528, if you are looking to activate Real-time EUREX EOBI Data via Denali you would need to be on SP11, SP10, or SP12. For you SP11 would work, SP11 = SP5 & Denali, so that should give you access to the features you have now. If you wish I can convert your SP5 days into SP11 Usage time. Please let me know
Description of Service Packages and Pricing: Packages

Further to activate Real-time EUREX EOBI Data, please complete #2 the Market Data Agreements and #3 activate the Real-time Data that you need here:

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