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Date/Time: Fri, 03 Feb 2023 23:47:12 +0000

[Programming Help] - ACSIL custom chart, numbers bars pullback column not showing correctly

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[2022-11-23 18:02:09]
onnb - Posts: 651
When using ACSIL with sc.IsCustomChart = 1 the numbers bars generally show ok (the ask/bid on each price level) but there is an issue with the pullback column

In more detail

1. User open a 1 trade chart - this is the underlying chart, each bar is a single trade
2. User then applies a custom chart study which creates the custom chart
3. User then adds the numbers bars study and configures

- the bid/ask value is posted at each price and is perfect
- the pullback column only shows a single row - (could be wrong but it appears its showing the pullback for the underlying chart and not the custom bar)

Its strange that the bid/ask on the bar shows correct and the pullback column does not.
I can send a screenshot if it helps
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