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Date/Time: Fri, 27 Jan 2023 09:14:32 +0000

ACSIL - issue resetting ButtonText and HoverText on ACS20 - ACS28 only?

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[2022-11-21 14:40:23]
User92573 - Posts: 331
Dear Support

I seem unable to reset, or more correctly set to "" the following ACS Buttons:

// Clear when Study is removed.
  if (sc.LastCallToFunction)

    // Test - Button_20 to Button_28 which use values held in PersVar(int) that come from input selections are not clearing the Button text as expected.
    // Neither is using the actual ACS Button numbers?

The caption and Description are however being reset

It is only these specific buttons - I'm currently not experiencing issues with other ACS Buttons.

Many thanks.

PS Can I ask if there any plans to allow the text size for the individual buttons to be set through ACSIL as we already can with their color "sc.SetCustomStudyControlBarButtonColor(10, RGB(240,240,240));"?


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