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Date/Time: Tue, 06 Dec 2022 08:33:58 +0000

Weekly Profiles Don't Match Candles' High and Low

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[2022-11-20 23:08:11]
Recently I have come across this issue where volume profiles on my 7-day (weekly) charts do not match with the high and low of the 7-day candle. Sometimes when I start my program it is fine, but most times it reverts to the manner as shown in the picture. I don't know how to change it so it stays to my preference.

Full disclosure, this problem started after trying to setup my main chartbook from the Denali data provider to the APEX Trader Funding Rhythmic data provider when I did their sim program. I ended up installing a 2nd instance for APEX and I reconnected to Denali's data shortly after and the chart appeared as does in the chart. Sometimes it's exactly how I want and other days it is like the picture.

[2022-11-21 13:29:36]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 5500
Provide us that particular chart by following these instructions:
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[2022-11-21 17:25:44]
Here is the CHT as per instructions.
Attachment Deleted.
Private File
[2022-11-24 13:34:22]
Did I attach the chartbook incorrectly? I followed the rules as instructed, only selected private. If that is an issue, I am able to reattach without selecting private.
[2022-11-28 15:32:52]
John - SC Support - Posts: 20340
You attached the chartbook correctly - sorry we are late in responding.

Do you have the option for Global Settings >> General Settings >> General >> Use Monday as Start of Week Instead of Sunday?

What has us a bit confused is that in the image, the dates at the bottom are Tuesdays and not Mondays. But when we open your chart the dates are Mondays, as we would expect.

We are wondering if the fact that it is Tuesday is somehow causing the issue in that the bars are not including the full week's worth of data.

Please take a look at how you have your chart setup and the time zone and see if you can get the bars to show as being on Monday and then see if you have an issue with the correlation of the VbP.


by the way, a much simpler way to do the VbP in your case, would be to set the Volume Graph Period Type to Multiple Periods Based on Bar Count and then set the Number of Bars for 'Based on Bar Count' to 1.
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[2022-11-28 22:16:44]
No need to apologize. I am use to a quick reply from you guys and got concerned I did something wrong, but then I realized it was the holidays.

Yes I have that setting, but mine is set to "No." I tried it setting it to "Yes," but nothing changed.

I think that is it. I thought the same thing, but didn't realize it was a option that can be changed so I didn't think on it too much. I guess my settings were to "Use # of Days to Load" instead of "Use Date Range." Thanks for leading me to water. It appears to work now.

Also, many thanks for the VbP advice. I will update that. Really appreciate it.

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