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Date/Time: Wed, 29 Mar 2023 06:17:34 +0000

Delayed data for one symbol but not another

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[2022-11-02 15:31:30]
User897692 - Posts: 9
Why is there a 10 minute delay for crude oil futures but not for the e-mini s&p when connected to the SC Data - All Services [data] service? How do I get real time data for crude oil? I'm paying for package 11 and I have accepted all of the Denali agreements.
[2022-11-02 16:44:23]
John - SC Support - Posts: 23263
You have the following Denali exchange activated:
- CME with Market Depth for nonprofessional Trading accounts

This is just the CME exchange within the CME Group. The ES is traded on this exchange, but the CL (Crude Oil) is traded on the NYMEX exchange. Therefore, you would need to activate an exchange that includes the NYMEX if you also want CL. If there are other instruments you want as well, then you may want to activate the exchange for the "Full CME Group with Market Depth".

You can change your exchange selections at the following link:
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