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Date/Time: Tue, 06 Dec 2022 06:49:39 +0000

Global Profit and Loss Management

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[2022-10-05 15:05:07]
Steve Leon - Posts: 217
I continue to have issues using Global Profit and Loss management as it relates to subintances
I have my main instance and then subinstance 2 and 3.
I have the Global profit and loss management set exactly the same for all three. For example = flatten positions for loss > -150 and lock for day.
I was trading on subinstance 2 and my loss criteria to flatten positions and lock for day were met but it continued to allow me to trade.
When i look on my main instance it shows that I am have not met the criteria for the same live account number. This is similar in subinstance 3 as well. Despite it saying that i have reached my loss limit in subinstance 2 I am not getting flattened or locked.

I did restart the platform and the same thing continues to happen

Thank you
[2022-10-05 17:02:48]
John - SC Support - Posts: 20340
From the documentation:
In the case of when using a sub instance of Sierra Chart and when Trade Simulation Mode is disabled in that sub instance, definitely do not use the Global Profit/Loss Management in that sub instance. It must be disabled and instead it can only be used in the main instance of Sierra Chart. Using both will lead to conflicts and unpredictable behavior.

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[2022-10-05 20:59:04]
Steve Leon - Posts: 217
I apologize. I realize that you mentioned this to me previously.
I disabled the global profit and loss management in the subinstances and it seems to be working
I will keep an eye on it as days go by and get back to you if i notice problems

Thanks again

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