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Date/Time: Sun, 04 Dec 2022 22:39:23 +0000

Ghost Candle Wick?

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[2022-10-04 14:03:50]
Jack47 - Posts: 2

As seen in the image below, it appears that I had an order fill on the wick of a candle that isn't there. It is my experience that when there is high activity on tick/volume charts the price will move faster than the bars will update to reflect the actual price movement within the set tick/volume interval. The only reasonable explanation for this is the order fills actually took place on one of the previous candles and due to the volatility of open the order fill data was shown slightly later (3-4 sec. later). I would like Sierra Chart Support to let me know if this is actually what I am experiencing or if it is because of some other phenomenon.

To clarify: I don't believe this has any impact on real-time trading. Only looking at historical order fills, this could be the source of slight confusion.


[2022-10-04 15:35:10]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 5464
This would be a time stamping issue and is explained here:
Chart Trading and the Chart DOM: Misaligned Order Fill Markers on Charts
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