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Date/Time: Sun, 04 Dec 2022 21:31:57 +0000

Numbers Bars - Granularity of Volume

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[2022-10-03 04:51:13]
SavantTrader - Posts: 81
Dear Support:

I am attaching an example created using the [numbers bar] study. To the left of the body is (ask+bid) volume, aka total volume per tick. To the right of the body is (ask-bid) delta.

My request involves adding granularity to In:102 [view profile bars length relative to all visible bars]. Unfortunately, setting this to YES forces both volume and delta to scale relative to all visible bars.

Can you please create the choice of profiling only the left side, only the right side, or both sides?

Ideally, I would like to have volume displayed relative to all visible bars, but have delta not display relative to all visible bars. This would have the effect of accentuating delta while still displaying proportionate volume.

Such settings make it easy to spot absorption/support/resistance (from the volume side) as well as trapped traders (from the delta side). Right now, the single toggle (yes/no) of In:102 forces a compromise between one or the other.

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[2022-10-03 12:26:29]
MandelBro - Posts: 7
Hi SavantTrader!

I am not from support, but I think that you should use 2 separate "Numbers Bars" studies on the same chart, first one for volume to the left (use column 1) and the second one for delta to the right (use column 3) with different settings for "Volume profile bars length relative to all visible bars". As an example please see this great video created by "TRADE YOUR PLAN":
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[2022-10-03 17:51:25]
MandelBro - Posts: 7
Here is an updated version (part 2) of the first video:
[2022-10-03 20:22:34]
SavantTrader - Posts: 81
MandelBro - Thank you for giving me the idea. I was able to quickly modify my existing (as shown in the original attachment) chart to:

1) Scale bar tick volume relative to the overall displayed bars tick volume, and

2) Scale ask-bid delta to 100% of the containing bar size, without regard for other bars.

This now combines two separate charts into one.

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