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Date/Time: Sun, 04 Dec 2022 21:11:44 +0000

Chart DOM text

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[2022-10-01 14:39:07]
obee2732 - Posts: 11
With the Trade DOM I was able to figure out how to use Stationary Text to write on Trade DOM
But with the Chart DOM, I am not able to write on Chart DOM using Stationary Text. The Stationary Text is working on the Chart connected with the Chart DOM.
How can I place Text on Chart DOM?
I tried adding the Label column to Chart DOM but that appears to be for Studies, but I wish to quickly write a text on the Chart DOM and not use Studies.
Thank you
[2022-10-03 14:51:25]
John - SC Support - Posts: 20295
The only option other than the Label option for a study, is to create a custom study and use the General Purpose 1/2 columns for whatever you want to put in those columns. Refer to the following:

But you have us a bit confused as to what you are doing different in the Trade DOM versus the Chart DOM. The Trade DOM does not allow any drawings in the columns, just next to them. The Chart DOM works the same way.
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