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[User Discussion] - Forex data Europe

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[2022-09-22 15:00:47]
CCTT - Posts: 6
ds12 is in my protocol. 89 ms.
In Europe I do not see any forex server from Sierrachart.
FXCM data I use at the moment.
Morningstar data I would like to try.
Cost $21.
Can anyone help further what the requirements are,
or do you need an account ?
Where are the Morningstar servers, or is that then also possible via
the ds12 network ? What are your experiences ! (Ticinotrader ?)

thank you
[2022-09-24 11:06:38]
ticinotrader - Posts: 377
I use FXCM's data for most of my trading and am completely satisfied with it.

Previously I had real-time Morningstar and its coverage was fantastic, but it does not provide bid/ask data, so I do not subscribe to it anymore. Although I still use their snapshot data for long-term positions on smaller or exotic pairs.

I also have the LMAX data feed that can serve as a backup and also has data for a couple of symbols that are not in the FXCM offering (EURHKD, etc) but I need bid/ask data for.

IB's FX data works very well as well, although it is limited in comparison to FXCM. I use that mostly in the TWS platform.

I can not comment on servers (ping, etc), never touched/cared about those settings, because I always use trading servers that have quite fast overall connection (and worked well for me both for FX and Futures trading.

There is a full-length recorded webinar on Level 2 of my site where I talk about these options and their configs in full detail:

Another Level2 video that could be of help for FX trader SC users:

Hope this helps.

[2022-09-24 13:05:59]
CCTT - Posts: 6

It is very helpful just that MS data does not include bidask.

Thank you for your valuable time and the video links.

[2022-09-25 05:31:33]
CCTT - Posts: 6

The video link goes nowhere.

Level 2 Data Forex !?!

ok ok

[2022-09-25 06:40:45]
ticinotrader - Posts: 377
Level 2 means: Level 2 Section of my site (https://www.ticinotrader.ch/tag/level2/).

'Level 2' is the tier, where articles and instructional videos (25+ hours) are available.

The links direct to the relevant video pages. You have to log in to the site, to watch the videos.
[2022-09-27 08:37:36]
CCTT - Posts: 6
Understood, translation error.
Thought already Level2 data Forex misunderstandings (Babylon;)
yes well I look in with you.


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