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Date/Time: Mon, 30 Jan 2023 21:00:24 +0000

[Sticky] [Locked] - CME Event Based Contracts Not Available on Sierra Chart

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[2022-09-22 08:07:03]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 6377
Sierra Chart will not be adding any support at all for the CME event-based contracts. You will need to use other programs to trade those or chart them.

If there any postings about this, we will direct users to this post and will be deleting the threads shortly thereafter. Please do not ask us about these.

We are now under World War III likely to go nuclear and certainly desired that it will go nuclear by the tyrants, ruling over us. This is a deadly serious matter. And there is attention being given to this (Event-based contracts) ? This is plain ridiculous.

The world has gone plain mad.

Futures markets makes sense. They are there to manage risk, and they are there for speculation to shift the risk management over to speculators/investors. Decisions to buy and sell are based upon education, research, and technical factors. And if one is wrong about timing which is very hard to precisely predict, then positions can be held until such time that the desired outcome occurs.

Not a specific end of day deadline like an event contract.

Futures markets can also be used as an investment in the underlying commodity, when someone does not want to be trading directly in the commodity.

What purpose do event-based contracts serve? The answer is they are a distraction. And we do not need distractions. Please do not bother us about these contracts and trade them elsewhere. We do not care. Ask yourself, who are you serving by trading these? Yourself or someone else.

We have important projects that we are working on, to act in the interests of our users, and provide investments and functionality that makes sense.
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