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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 04:12:31 +0000

Time Zooming

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[2022-05-27 16:14:59]
Techotomy - Posts: 104

I would like to know how to zoom out or compress the time x-axis beyond the current limit. There is a current limit for the amount I can compress when left clicking on the y-axis and zooming out.

[2022-05-27 18:08:45]
John - SC Support - Posts: 33104
You can not compress the Time Scale any further than where the bars are 1 pixel apiece. Anything further than this would cause data loss, which is why we do not support it.

You can also change the per bar information to put more information into a single bar which would give you access to more data.
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[2022-05-27 20:55:40]
Techotomy - Posts: 104
I'm not sure what you mean by data loss. eSignal can compress data below one pixel just fine without data loss because the candle information is still in memory and I don't see any artifacts. It's pretty helpful to be able to compress the data in order to quickly zoom out and put longer term trend lines that are still relevant to the current time frame.
[2022-05-28 15:18:55]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
Ok, but this is not supported in Sierra Chart. When we have time, we plan to see if we can implement something like this, but we do not know how well it would work, if at all.
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[2022-05-28 15:52:27]
Techotomy - Posts: 104
That would be cool. I don't understand how you could easily put long term drawing tools (e.g. Gann fans, Trendlines) from highs and lows months ago for trading accurately on the one-minute chart otherwise. The current solution seems to be an excessive amount of scrolling and dragging back and forth, or get a super-wide monitor.
[2022-05-28 20:48:13]
JohnR - User831573 - Posts: 303
Another possible solution would be to have a 2nd chart that is a longer timeframe instead of 1 min, it could be 15 min or 1 hr. Draw your tools on that chart and use SC's ability to share drawings. They would then be seen on your 1 min chart.

just a thought

[2022-05-29 06:55:21]
Techotomy - Posts: 104
Hi John,

That is an option if I want partially inaccurate trend lines since the "same" trend-line between the "same" points on the higher time frame give a different trend-line on lower time frames as the chart software doesn't distinguish or identify equivalent x,y points between time-frames. For example, if I try to connect a ray from one high to another high on the one-hour time-frame and switch to the one-minute minute, the ray no longer connects to the second high, and points along the line that were below on the one-hour, are now above on the one-minute. I understand that there are degenerate highs/lows that would require inference to convert between multiple time-frames (e.g., choosing high on one-hour would select the expected high on the one-minute), but it would be nice to see software that is smart enough, with no complex logical really needed I believe, to accurately convert between time-frames.

[2022-09-30 12:01:00]
JHunt - Posts: 10
This would be extremely useful, as this is something that has always bugged me.

SC is such a versatile platform, unlike any other out there.

But this feature is so basic it seems for other platforms like Investor/RT, TradingView, and even MT4/5.

It would be just amazing if SC could behave like this.

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