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Date/Time: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 00:04:29 +0000

How do I connect to Rithmic trader through the apex funded program?

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[2022-05-24 18:51:28]
CJBuckets - Posts: 20
I got the rithmic trader pro app downloaded and accepted the agreements. I also have the Denali exchange data feed but whenever I go to insert the rithmic username and password they gave me into the data/trade service settings with the right info like so (link below). It doesn't work and says permission denied.

[2022-05-24 20:49:25]
John - SC Support - Posts: 17012
Make sure that the Username and Password that they have given you is no more than 31 characters. If either of them are, then you will need to get a new one and that is the problem.

If the above does not solve your issue, then we need to know the exact message you are receiving and where you are getting it. A screenshot would be very helpful if we can see the message.

Also - you are not setup to get data from our Denali Exchange Data Feed. You do not have any exchanges currently active. You can re-activate the exchanges you want at the following link:
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[2022-05-25 14:48:38]
CJBuckets - Posts: 20
Neither my user/pass are over 31 characters.
imageService Connection Error.jpg / V - Attached On 2022-05-25 14:47:55 UTC - Size: 6.17 MB - 19 views
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[2022-05-25 16:08:48]
John - SC Support - Posts: 17012
In that case, then the error you are receiving means that either the Username or Password that is entered on the Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings is incorrect.
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[2022-05-26 00:24:50]
Ticks - Posts: 83
You do not need to pay for the Denali exchange data feed.
You are already paying for Rithmic data from Apex.
Go to the File>> Data/Trade Service Settings.

Then enter the login credentials that Apex provided you.
Place them like the screenshot I have provided.
Click Apply All and then click Ok.
Click on the "Con" button on the control bar and you should connect and start receiving data from
** You may not receive data from the previous 2+ days. But who cares just let the chart build up for a few hours. Now if you are using some trading method that requires several days of back data to make a single trade. Then you will have to dig in your pockets for the Denali exchange data feed.
I don't need that much back data since I trade-off 2 min charts and the most extended anchor chart is 60mins.
I'm also using SC version 2393.
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