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Date/Time: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 00:19:33 +0000

How to see the DOM of CL but trade in MCL

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[2022-05-17 18:36:57]
VolTrader73 - Posts: 95
Question 1
Im not sure how to set this up.
Id like to have the dome show the NYMEX CL contract but when I click to buy sell , Id like it to execute in the MCL
Question 2
If this is possible, what happens when you do that with the CLN (Jun contract) but trade in the MCLM (micro July contract) as there is a price difference due to contract expiration.

Thank you
[2022-05-17 21:10:45]
John - SC Support - Posts: 17012
1) This is what the Trade and Current Quote Symbol setting is for. Refer to the documentation for this here:
Chart Settings: Trade and Current Quote Symbol (text box) (Chart >> Chart Settings >> Symbol menu)

Also make sure you understand the option for Use as Trade Only Symbol which is documented in that same section, as you probably want to enable that option.

2) There is a price difference regardless of whether the contract months are different or not. But as long as you are entering Market orders with attached orders at a specific offset from the market, then the orders will go through without any issue. Otherwise, you would have to be careful about what price points you enter for the trade and ensure they will be at the appropriate level for the trade symbol.
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