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Date/Time: Sat, 02 Jul 2022 23:23:13 +0000

Subgraph Identifying Lines, Rays, and Rectangles

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[2022-05-15 18:43:17]
SavantTrader - Posts: 73
If I hand-draw an [extending rectangle] or [horizontal ray], is there currently any way (via an existing study or such) to know how close it is to the current price?

What I want to do is: When I hand-draw S/R or other zones, I'd like to be able to compute against the nearest upper/lower zones (with reference to current price) in a CBBOAC.

If this is something that would only be available via ACSIL, can you point me in the right direction - tell me which ACSIL statements to look at, so I can try coding it.

Thank you in advance.
[2022-05-15 19:14:04]
User584084 - Posts: 46
Take a look at the Trend Line Signal Study from Simple System Trading to see if this is what you are looking for: https://www.simplesystemtrading.com/trend-line-signal-study/

Simple System Trading Trend Line Signal Study YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mJFPMnPc1U
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[2022-05-17 07:37:32]
SavantTrader - Posts: 73
The SST TLSS is almost what I need; it will only track the last 2 lines drawn.

This would be fine, except I need to draw zones using [extending rectangles], and programmatically observe things like:

o How many ticks away from the nearest zone is price (top of zone if above, bottom if price below)?

o Is price currently inside this zone (which requires testing zone top and zone bottom)?

I will have many zones drawn on the chart, representing major S/R zones from today's price action and prior price action... and SST TLSS will only pay attention to the last 2 that were drawn.

It was close, but unfortunately no cigar.

I heard there was a way to detect drawing upper/lower bounds using ACSIL. Sierra Support - can you offer commentary?
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