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Date/Time: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 22:59:56 +0000

Using trade management by study for initial stops then trailing after X ticks

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[2022-05-13 08:46:20]
oliebol03 - Posts: 4
So I've set up the trade management by study to place my initial stops X amount of ticks below a range generated by a specific study I use. Now I'd like to set it up where after going X amount of ticks in my favor the stop placed by the trade management study will trail price by some ticks. I tried doing this by setting my stops to a stop: triggered trail stop in the chart trade window.
Stop offset: 8
Trail offset: 14
Trigger offset: 12
I think the stop offset of 8 is ignored because it is controlled by the trade management study.
It triggers after 12 ticks of profit then trails by 14.
This all works however there is some unexpected behavior that I can't seem to get right.
If a long trade goes let's say 24 ticks in my favor the stop is trailing price but then sometimes the stop will move down a couple ticks then trail back up then move back down again as price goes up and down.
So my question is how can I get rid of this moving down of the stop while trailing? I'd like to just have a trailing stop that stays put if price moves down and trails when price moves up (and the inverse for shorts of course).

Thanks in advance, I'm probably just overlooking something simple.
Also I hope everything is clear as english isn't my first language.
[2022-05-13 15:59:04]
John - SC Support - Posts: 17026
It sounds like the Trade Management by Study is fighting with the Trailing Stop. Although we would have expected the Trade Management to continually reset the Stop Position back to where it is defined by that study and the trailing would not work at all.

You would have to turn off the "Trade Management by Study" when you want the stop to start Trailing. You have to do this manually.
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