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Date/Time: Fri, 03 Feb 2023 22:22:43 +0000

Time & Sales Alerts for Above/Below the Bid/Ask

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[2022-03-14 20:34:21]
DayTraderEsad - Posts: 90
Would it be possible to add a sound alert option to the Time & Sales for orders that are above and below the bid/ask? I know that we can highlight them, but would be great if we can also add a sound alert to it.
[2022-03-17 00:23:28]
DayTraderEsad - Posts: 90
Just checking in on this...could this be added as a feature? Thanks again
[2022-11-17 20:54:33]
User283743 - Posts: 34
[2022-11-26 00:03:08]
User424750 - Posts: 1
[2022-11-26 00:21:29]
DayTraderEsad - Posts: 90
There is a actual study, I bought from twofox that connect to the chart and you are able to attach a alert to it. Which is what I use. That was my solution and lifetime cost is like $100 --- thought I let you guys know.


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