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Date/Time: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 01:24:51 +0000

[User Discussion] - Write Bar & Study Data to File == Include current bar or Incomplete bar in the Text File?

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[2022-03-03 01:49:17]
User631345 - Posts: 17

I have a request with regards to ===> Write Bar & Study Data to File

Is there any way I can have this study to include the last i.e. “Incomplete Bar” data to be included in the outputted Text file?


I did read up on some documentation and went into Studies6.cpp under ACS_Source and changed

From this --- WriteBarAndStudyDataToFileParams.IncludeLastBar = 1
To this ---WriteBarAndStudyDataToFileParams.IncludeLastBar = 0

But to no avail.

Can you please help or guide as to what I can do if I want the current Bar to Show in the output text file as well.

Many Thanks
[2022-03-03 02:00:28]
User631345 - Posts: 17
Just for Context I am adding the last line of the Text File that is outputted currently from this Study

Today is 2nd March 2022

In this last line in the data (copy pasted below), you will see data for Feb 20 2022. This is because that is when the last Weekly Bar started and got completed on Feb 25th 2022

2022/2/20, 18:00:00.0, 4324.25, 4391.25, 4101.75, 4380.50, 9069382, 6829932, 4299.44, 4291.17, 4246.50, 4511542, 4557840, 4300.00, 4383.00, 4232.00, 4266.37, 0, 71627, -25022, 46298, 9069382, 23226, 30968, 23303

The Week that started on Feb 27Th is going on currently (Today being March 02 2022), and hence we do not have the data for this Bar in the Text File as it is NOT Completed as of yet. This Bar will be completed on March 4Th 2022.

However, this is the Bar that I want data for along with all the prior weeks

Would be great if you could help me out here.

Many Thanks
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[2022-05-16 13:41:42]
User631345 - Posts: 17
Hi Sierra / All,
Can anyone help on this topic ?
Its a very small request. However, I need some help and guidance here. Any help would be appreciated very much

Thanks in advance
[2022-05-17 22:38:03]
User631345 - Posts: 17
I've been asking for help from so long

Can no one help on this ????????????
So frustrating...............

At least give me some pointers Sierra or anyone on this forum
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