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Date/Time: Thu, 25 Apr 2024 00:49:59 +0000

[User Discussion] - Sierrachart add moving average and supertrend studies

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[2022-09-12 04:21:11]
SC Support Tom - Posts: 450
WRT Post #24:

Tom, have you had a chance to look at this?

I am actively looking at it. I am just not finished with it yet. We appreciate your patience.
[2022-09-26 05:34:08]
SC Support Tom - Posts: 450
WRT Post #3:

Ok top thanks!

Well, there is this post: https://www.tradinformed.com/calculate-supertrend-indicator-using-excel/ , Im sorry I send it because it will explain better than me what is the Super Trend and the formula to get it!

Hope it’s possible to do that with Sierra !

I have coded and committed this version of the SuperTrend. It will be available in the next release.

Here is the documentation.

Date Time Of Last Edit: 2022-09-26 06:10:15
[2022-09-27 22:00:53]
User275839 - Posts: 57
I was not familiar with this indicator until I discovered this thread. I have experimented with incorporating it in some automated algos I have and it appears to provide excellent actionable information.
Thank you for adding this to the Sierra platform! Bravo!
[2022-09-28 09:16:39]
Marmany - Posts: 303
Re post #36
I have had super trend on the charts for many years.
Would like to point out that it is one of the best indicators to use in a trending market.
However when market phase changes to consolidation it has no predictive power and will generate a series of stop out losses.
Obviously, a trading strategy needs additional elements to allow for this.

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