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Date/Time: Mon, 17 Jun 2024 08:24:39 +0000

Indication on Trade Window when Trading Locked is enabled

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[2022-01-26 13:36:22]
User624476 - Posts: 32

Currently it is barely noticeable when Trading Locked is enabled. The additional "[Lock]" text on the chart is not noticeable.

Please add a highly visible indication directly to the Trade Window: eg. disable the buttons, add a highly visible "LOCK" message, trade window background color (similar to the graphic option when SIM is enabled), etc etc.
[2022-01-29 00:25:24]
User379468 - Posts: 508
[2024-05-07 02:43:32]
user_xyz - Posts: 387
I was looking for a way to color the background in the chart window when [Lock] is enabled. Is this available yet?

It's barely noticeable and when using multiple instances of SC. I'm trying to get a faster visual cue then trying to read if Lock is present on every chart header.

[2024-05-09 21:59:55]
John M - Posts: 167
I use a RED color and make the Trade Lock button large with full text on the Control Bar.

Its state is quite visible at a glance and it's easy to implement.
[2024-05-09 22:11:39]
user_xyz - Posts: 387
Thanks I have that too however the control bar button doesn't have a two color state for on/off. It's like red and shaded red. Unless something has changed?
[2024-05-21 19:50:58]
User624476 - Posts: 32

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