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Date/Time: Wed, 19 Jan 2022 14:27:44 +0000

Text above or below current bar.

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[2022-01-14 19:48:26]
User536779 - Posts: 3
How can I show text above or below current bar from an indicator, without showing it on previous bars? Just need current information from indicator to show. Thank you. I am sure its simple. Tried different ways no success.
[2022-01-14 20:37:47]
Tony - Posts: 123
It is simple only when you are able to code with ACSIL, what is the content
of the text btw?
[2022-01-14 21:32:24]
User536779 - Posts: 3
The text is coming from the study subgraph divide/ratio formula. Then i crossed reference it with text above or below study. Thank you tony. I will need to learn some ACSIL this weekend. Is there a study you suggest i use that may provide a template for what i desire?
[2022-01-14 21:34:41]
John - SC Support - Posts: 13408
There is one simple way and there is one not so simple way.

The simple way is to use the Text Display from Study study. This will create a box that displays the data for a study from just the current bar. You can then place this box anywhere in the chart that you want.

The "Not so Simple Way" is to use the Color Bar Based on Alert Condition study and set the following Inputs:
- Number of Bars to Calculate: 1
- Output When Condition True: Use Input Data
- Input Data: Whatever study you want to display the data for
- Automatically Clear from Before 'Number of Bars to Calculate': Yes

Then in the Subgraph for this study change the Draw Style to either Value on High or Value on Low and set the Size to something you can see - like 10 or 12.

And in the Alert tab enter =1 to have the alert always active.

The downside to this particular setup is just that you can not offset the value from the high or low.
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