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EOG - TD Ameritrade

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[2014-04-03 14:22:18]
M5amhan - Posts: 468

The ticker symbol EOG had a stock split last week. I can adjust the data to correct the problem but when I open the platform the next morning it is messed up again. Here is what it looks like when I open up in the morning: http://www.sierrachart.com/image.php?l=1396534741131.png .. then if I do a Delete All Data and Download it looks like this: http://www.sierrachart.com/image.php?l=1396534862310.png .. then at that point I have to do adjust data again to see the chart correctly every day. Surely this is not how the split feature is supposed to work, what can I do to fix this?

[2014-04-03 17:21:19]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103520
Contact TD Ameritrade about this. There is some problem with the data for that symbol. Once you fully re-download the data, there is no need to perform any adjustments on the Sierra Chart side. The data should be correct to begin with.

Let them know you are using the TD Ameritrade HTTP API with Sierra Chart.

If you have trouble contacting them and getting them to understand this problem, then we can contact them .
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