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Date/Time: Sat, 22 Jun 2024 07:17:17 +0000

Can one sort the sheets inside a spreadsheet?

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[2021-12-06 18:47:31]
j4ytr4der_ - Posts: 932
I have a Spreadsheet that currently has 12 separate sheets within it (and will have more), all with names (not chart #s). But they aren't listed in the "Sheet selection dropdown" in alphabetical order. I think they're listed in the order they were created.

Is there any way to rearrange the sheets in this list? I would really like to be able to arrange them like we can with "Windows & Chartbooks".
[2021-12-06 19:24:19]
John - SC Support - Posts: 32515
There is not a way to order the sheets in the Spreadsheets.

We have tagged this as a Feature Request.
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[2023-01-29 03:21:36]
user_xyz - Posts: 387
is this available yet?
[2023-01-29 17:59:42]
j4ytr4der_ - Posts: 932
Not as far as I can tell, no. =(

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