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Date/Time: Wed, 19 Jan 2022 14:54:34 +0000

Seconds per bar

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[2013-04-24 13:19:40]
GmA - Posts: 20
Dear Support board!

Do you have any function what can retreve seconds per bar for the chart other then one where the study is set?
I need to analyze the chart when the new bar is coming to it. Study is set to one minute chart. Chart IDs for anaysis are enterred as an input parameters.
An idea is to compare the time stamp of the new bar from one minute chart with the time stamp of the next (possibly not yet available) bar on the anaysed chart, but without knowing the secnds per bar I am not sure how to get the time stamp of such next bar.
Based on my understanding, sc.GetExactMatchForSCDateTime() can not be used as, for example, there migh be the case when bar with the exactly matching time stamp on M1 might not exist (for example, 00:29, then if no trades on 00:30, next M1 bar may be 00:31 instead of 00:30. Then sc.GetExactMatchForSCDate for M30 chart will return -1).

Could you please advise?

Thanks and
Br GmA
[2013-05-20 08:30:36]
GmA - Posts: 20
Hello Support board!

Will really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance and

Br GmA
[2013-05-20 23:09:18]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 99783
We could add a function to get the seconds per bar from another chart, but we do not see that you have a paid account. There is a programming charge for this.
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