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Date/Time: Fri, 03 Dec 2021 16:39:06 +0000

15 day trial?

[2021-11-25 11:35:32]
DuckDodgers - Posts: 6

I have not used Sierra Charts for 4 years and looks to already have an account (peterrogers15@hotmail.com)

Am I eligible for the 15 day trial or do I just subscribe to the $26 a month package. I am using Gain feed through DeCarley brokers so not sure how to set up again.

I have updated the charts to the 64 bit version already.

Also, once set up, I would like to view ZN, ZB and UB overlay with then implied volitility bands showing too please, if someone can assist me with that? I will look to using metals and equities too with imp vol bands please.


Kind regards

Pete Rogers

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