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Date/Time: Fri, 03 Dec 2021 16:33:55 +0000

Denali with AMP Global and IBKR

[2021-10-20 10:50:09]
User587833 - Posts: 1
Hi, Currently on CQG and AMP global but I'd like to move over to Denali. With a Denali only data feed, will I be able to trade on both AMP and Interactive Brokers in 1 PC system?
I've installed a new setup of SC for a new trial IB account and it's working fine.

Thanks and regards.
[2021-10-20 14:58:14]
John - SC Support - Posts: 12481
You can do what you suggest. The only thing that you will want to do is to have 2 different installations of Sierra Chart, one for the connection to CQG and the other for the connection to Interactive Brokers.

The Denali Exchange Data Feed allows for 2 connections at the same time from the same computer, so there are no additional fees associated with this setup.

Refer to the following for information on how to install a second Sierra Chart:

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