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Date/Time: Thu, 21 Oct 2021 14:11:42 +0000


[2021-10-13 17:23:37]
User220914 - Posts: 176

Can you add another draw style to the drw style drop down menu or mayb eyou call it something else but i have goen through most of them and cannot get it to do what i want.

the draw style would be very similar to these 2

transparent fill rectangle top
transparent fill rectangle bottom

what I am trying to get it to draw would be a

or transparent fill rectangle open and transparent fill rectangle close?
is there a way to do this already thank you
[2021-10-13 18:09:49]
John - SC Support - Posts: 11502
If you are just wanting to do the fill between the Open and Close of a bar, then it is just a matter of setting the value for the Subgraph that uses the Transparent Fill Rectangle Top to the Close and the Transparent Fill Rectangle Bottom to the Open.

If we are missing something, then give us some additional information on what exactly you are wanting to do.
[2021-10-14 04:04:39]
User220914 - Posts: 176
all i have is an SG1 high
and an Sg2 LOW
and i couldnt figure out how to add an sg3 open and an sg4 close.

i tried to use the code builder and open this nminibars file but i couldnt find it or figure out how to do that

can i click on a study and open its code? so i can add sg3 and sg4?
[2021-10-14 14:01:53]
John - SC Support - Posts: 11502
So you have a custom study and you want to have additional Subgraphs added to it?

That is fairly straightforward, if you are familiar with our ACSIL interface. And, if you want to look at other code for studies to get some ideas, then those are found in the ACS_Source folder which is located under your main Sierra Chart folder (typically C:\SierraChart).

Also, refer to the information at the following link regarding Subgraphs for ACSIL:
[2021-10-14 22:59:27]
User220914 - Posts: 176
yes thank you

is there a way to actually find the study without having to go through all those lines of code to find it? can i somehow search for it.
i tried doing the search but it didnt find it becaause it is under "ADD CUSTOM STUDY"
[2021-10-15 00:07:08]
John - SC Support - Posts: 11502
If this is part of the User Contributed Studies, then what code we have is listed at the following link:

We did not see the particular study you mention - nminbars. Therefore, we do not have the source code for it.
[2021-10-18 01:37:48]
User220914 - Posts: 176
I cannot figure out how to do the coding stuff and i am sure for most it is simple but not for me.. i miss BASIC! the world chagned when basic on a trs 80 well .. disappeared. anyway

is there a draw style that would give me a HOLLOW high rectangle and a HOLLOW LOW RECTANGLE ? instead
of a transparent? this way I could see what is inside and also reduce cpu usage by not using transparent.

thank you so instead of a transaprent rectangle it would be a draw style of a hollow rectangle?

this would be greaat and i would not have to get into the code.
thank you in advance
[2021-10-18 14:58:49]
John - SC Support - Posts: 11502
There is a way to get a hollow rectangle. You would use the Spreadsheet Formula - Bar study and enter one of the values for the Open and another value for the Close Inputs, then on the Subgraphs tab set the Graph Draw Type (at the top of the window) to Candlestick Bars Hollow.

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