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Date/Time: Fri, 03 Dec 2021 15:52:24 +0000

[User Discussion] - Mouse delayed action

[2021-10-12 15:34:06]
User427561 - Posts: 84
Not sure if my prolem or Sierra's but any sggestions or guidance apreciated:
the mouse responds ok to movements but when I press the left button it takes 1-2 second for the mouse to respond.
I'm using ver 2019 on I5 8 Gen cmputer ans wireless mouse.rebooting all did not help
any sggestion?
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[2021-10-12 17:42:42]
John - SC Support - Posts: 12475
I have had this kind of problem with Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, but with the mouse, it just takes a second for it to start to move, I typically did not have a problem with the clicking.

But, I found that not using bluetooth for these was much better overall. For instance, with a Logitech keyboard and mouse they gave the option of using their Unifying Receiver which uses a specific radio transmission, but it is always connected and works much better than bluetooth.

Otherwise, we have no idea what could be causing the issue. Are you only having the issue with Sierra Chart? Do you see it with any other programs? We would think it would be more of an operating system issue as we described above.
[2021-10-12 19:52:49]
User427561 - Posts: 84
not using blue tooth and nott having this delay with other apps,,,.my hmouse is wireless contolled via a usb adaper
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[2021-10-15 18:57:15]
User427561 - Posts: 84
is it possible I 5 8th Gen computer not fast enough? should I consider upgrading to a Later higher speed Computer ? what min computer speed would you recommend and window10 sytem?
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[2021-10-15 21:13:20]
Tonkadad - Posts: 155
"my mouse is wireless controlled via a usb adapter" I read somewhere that certain usb adapters can cause issues with mouse receivers, can you plug the mouse receiver directly into a usb port on the front of the computer and see if that makes a difference. I had to get a usb extension cable and plug into the back of the computer so I could locate the receiver closer to the mouse for best response.
[2021-10-15 21:18:05]
Tonkadad - Posts: 155
"is it possible I 5 8th Gen computer not fast enough? should I consider upgrading to a Later higher speed Computer ? what min computer speed would you recommend and window10 system?"

Regarding your computer, open the Task Manager and see what your CPU and memory usage is with Sierra and all the other programs you use for trading. That will give you an idea if you are taxing your system.
[2021-10-16 17:56:48]
User427561 - Posts: 84
my task mger sayscpu usage is 16.7%of total22%,172 mega bite,power usage very high.
sounds like Sierra is taxing my system . my question remains,,, what do I do about it? increase memory? use a higher speed than my core 5 8th generation computer?
[2021-10-16 20:54:30]
cmet - Posts: 442
Have dealt with the same issue over the years. This is almost certainly caused by CPU load from Sierrachart.

First thing I would check is your chart update interval, especially if you have a lot of charts open. If this is too low (especially on multipe charts), it will jack your cpu usage way up.

Next thing I would do is check any custom study dlls you have running.

Then I would check study/price overlays. If you are overlaying studies from fast charts to slower ones, this can cause increased load.

If you havee a lot of charts, another thing you can do is get a tool that shows you real time CPU usage. Then, close charts one by one until you see the usage drop. Chances are the problem is in that chart. Just don't save your chart book on exit. Re-open it and go to that chart and delete the studies one by one to figure out which one it is.

Have no idea what your chart setups are but this is what I do when I run into this problem now.
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[2021-10-17 14:46:46]
User427561 - Posts: 84
your suggestions are way beyond my level of expertse with SC. I would need remote assistance to go trhro what you re suggesting.my phone no is 904 2723407; thank you
plus pls keep in mind I had not done anything to my chart book which was working fine for months before, other than perhaps updating to the latest version of SC<
im running version 2020 now, however uploading an older version 2015, I now get the sme delays Im gettib with ver 2020.
what would you suggest a new computer memory and speed should be if I decide to get one?IM now running an core I5 8th gen computer and win 10.
should you agree to remotely assist me,please advise approx time beforehand you would do it to ensure im there thanks
Im now running a 1m and a5 m chart on my chartbook, but with many studies and overlays on the 1m chart.
again my problem is:
with an anarrow pointer on a chart, when I press the left button on my mouse to grab it, it takes a couple of seconds for the pointer on the chart to rerevert to a hand grabbing and manipulating the chart, and when I release the left button, the hand doesnt revert back to a pointer unless i press the left button again.
it used to be on pressing the left button the pointer reverted to a hand immediately, and releasing the mouse button the hand automatically reverted to a pointer immediately.
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[2021-10-17 17:19:08]
Diana1516 - Posts: 16
“Im now running a 1m and a5 m chart on my chartbook, but with many studies and overlays on the 1m chart.“

Can you try closing your current chartbooks, then go to File> Symbol> open ES as intraday. You should get a regular candle chart open. Can you test your mouse pointers afterwards and see if you still have the same problem?

How much hard drive space do you have left? Is it an SSD or a regular HDD?

As far as the pointers reverting back, sounds like the pointer settings might need to be modified within SC. For this you can go to Global Settings> Tool Settings> the first two options should help you solve this. Or the one that says “Right click exits current drawing tool to” there’s a list there.
[2021-10-18 14:51:57]
User427561 - Posts: 84
I do not have the problem with a single clean es chart, proves that my studies are creating the problem, thats the reason I need a system to handle my current set up,,, not the other way around, im using an I5 8gen now, what type of compuer do I need to handle my current setup, i beleive I have a standad 16meg hard drive with hp laptop
[2021-10-18 15:12:08]
User427561 - Posts: 84
sorry HD is 237 meg 166 free
[2021-10-18 15:44:22]
User427561 - Posts: 84
237 gig hd not meg
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[2021-10-18 15:48:12]
User427561 - Posts: 84
seem to have interfered with mouse/keyboard action after messing with mouse setting in global, plese initiate remote assistance to straihtnening things up, thanks
[2021-10-18 15:48:18]
Diana1516 - Posts: 16
Glad you were able to figure out the problem is with the studies.

As far as the computer setup, I have the same specs, same year HP laptop. 250GB with 166 left of space is not bad. However, I upgraded my SSD hard drive to a 500GB and Samsung Evo 970. I tried to upgrade the ram, but couldnt find the same exact one, so I had to put the original ones back in. But, sure enough, the computer runs much better.

I know that’s very technical, but you can find instructions on google/youtube. Or take it to a local computer shop.

Another thing you could do is test your charts, by process of elimination. Save a copy first, then try to turn off the studies one by one and then test mouse performance to see if you can figure out which study is causing the problem.
Hope that helps :)
[2021-10-18 15:51:31]
Diana1516 - Posts: 16
I do offer a 1 hour 1-on-1 service. Im not available this week. But if you’d like you can check out my page or sign up for it here: https://bio.link/dianapena
[2021-10-18 15:59:42]
User427561 - Posts: 84
why is there a charge now, have used remote assistance previously htiw no charge ?
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[2021-10-18 16:24:55]
Diana1516 - Posts: 16
Sorry I didn’t explain. Im a regular SC user and I help people with their SC setups/questions.
[2021-10-18 16:31:35]
User427561 - Posts: 84
thanks i need help from regular sc personal noot subscribers
[2021-10-18 19:18:43]
User427561 - Posts: 84
will do thanks, will report back when done
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[2021-10-23 19:12:55]
User427561 - Posts: 84
I haave since upraded mr computr To an ssd drive and 12 gid Menory wiyh an T5 intel coRe 5. the mouse BEHAVOR inptoved improved somewhaT BUUTTHE TIMER ISSUE REPORTD IN A DIFFERNT POST DID NOT CHANGE, RMAININ AT O AND NOT COUNTING DOWN WHIlE THe 5 MT TIMER WORKS FINR
[2021-10-23 19:46:46]
Tonkadad - Posts: 155
A couple of things: depending on what other programs you run with SC, 12 megs of ram might be a little on the small side. If you just cloned your old hard drive you may have
just duplicated your problems on a faster computer. The best way is to reinstall only the programs you need. It is also a good idea to run a cleaner type program I use CCleaner every couple of weeks.
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