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Date/Time: Wed, 04 Oct 2023 12:31:28 +0000

can you please give me the link to version 1097

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[2014-03-26 17:39:10]
David-G - Posts: 21
I don't know if this is the same old OEC connection problem but I am away from home, and my laptop won't connect to the OEC data feed (it keeps trying but never succeeds).

I noticed that the laptop seems to have Sierra Charting version 1110 running, whereas I think my desktop at home runs on version 1097 (after you had put up a notice to use / revert back to version 1097).

Do you have that link to version 1097, available somewhere? I cannot seem to find it.


[2014-03-26 21:36:57]
David-G - Posts: 21
Sierra Support,

It seems I hadn't disconnected my connection at home, and that is why my laptop didn't work. So kindly ignore my above request ... clearly my laptop, running on version 1110, was not what was at fault (the fact that I had left my desktop connected, was what was at fault since it seems only one version of SC can run???).

On a separate matter, should I update my desktop to use the latest SC version (1110), or should I stick to 1097 for now? Kindly advise.


[2014-03-26 22:09:29]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
First, we apologize for not responding to this earlier. As we were looking through what version you should be running to use the old API, we got distracted with something else and then overlooked this.

OEC only allows one connection at a time from a particular application, to their server.

At this time, using the latest Sierra Chart version is fine with OEC. We are not aware of any outstanding issues.
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