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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 07:29:42 +0000

Confused about "new contracts" and System Notification message at SC startup

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[2014-03-25 13:17:42]
User28286 - Posts: 24

I've been SC user now about 2 months. The SC version I started with was 997. Now it seems to be 1077. I have not updated my software version myself, so how this may have happened? It's just fine, I guess, but weird as I didn't do it myself.

Recently there's been a lot of mentioning about changing to new CME contract symbols etc. on Startup screen (System Notification Message). I've ignored it as my setup has been working just fine, I guess. Now I started to hesitate as I've noticed more and more messages to upgrade to latest version (why??) and new parallel sets of CME/Nymex contracts in the Chart list.

Ok, I now use SC 1077, CTS T4 and trade Crude Oil (CME/Nymex), symbol CL.CME_20140500_CLK4.CME_NY. Is this setup still OK???? I'm thoroughly confused... do I HAVE TO switch to some new CL symbol and upgrade my SC to something latest version? Or am I fine with my current setup? I don't use any continuous contract. I simply trade the CL contract that has the biggest volume at any given day.

And yes, I've read a lot of messages since March 10 on SC support board about some CME (serious?) contract issues with CTS etc, and the more I read the more confused I got as I have no idea if that was relevant to my setup. Or was it?

[2014-03-25 19:41:31]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
When you can, we do recommend updating Sierra Chart to the very latest version when using CTS T4. This is version 1111. Update with Help >> Download Prerelease.

It is not critical to do at the moment if everything is working fine for you, but it is essential to get this done soon to avoid any problems.

After that, follow the instructions here:
Notice: CTS Trading Service Symbols | Post: 27451

we recommend doing this when you have some time.
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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